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In-Store Shopping

Welcome to in-store Shopping!

  • Please wear a mask that fully covers your mouth and nose  (Rhea is Immunocompromised and has 2 baby granddaughters) if you cannot wear a mask we do offer medical shields that we sanitize between customers, additionally for our hearing impaired customers we are happy to wear a shield if that is helpful to you for reading lips etc.
  • Hand Sanitizer is available at the door.
  • Purse Lockers are being utilized your bags and purses are to be locked up, your key only opens your locker. As the city of Edmonton phases out plastic  bags please feel free to bring in your own re-usable bag, that you can pop into a locker as well or leave with your coat.
  • As we keep the store nice and warm we offer coat hooks in the vestibule for your comfort.
  • You are welcome to bring slippers or we do have boot covers during the winter/wet months. Thanks for helping us keep the floors clean and safe, the snow melt products are tough on the floors as well as Roxy our resident pup. The ice and snow also can present a slip hazard. 
  • Products are no longer priced in store we do have a price checking computer at the back of the store for your convenience.
  • Products are organized so we can find them please help us keep them in order.

Rhea, Kristina & Kathleen