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Art Glitter Designer Dries White Adhesive, 4 oz.

Designer Dries White Adhesive is an industrial strength, non-toxic, water based adhesive originally designed for glitter and paper applications.

This adhesive is specifically designed for adhering transparent or pearlescent glitter (not opaque) to a darker background.

This versatile adhesive is both flexible and strong enough to bond items such as wood, metal, cardboard, canvas, plastic, and even glass.

The 2 oz and 4 oz sizes come equipped with a ready to use application spout, but for extra fine precision out of the bottle see our Metal Tip Attachment to add to the end of the spout to create a much finer application of adhesive from the spout.

Please note: This adhesive has a shelf life of 12 months for optimum results. Designer Dries White Adhesive is a water-based adhesive that cannot be shipped in cold or freezing temperatures.