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Alcohol Ink Set, Cool Earthtones (12pc)

Earthy nuanced tones in a mega 12-pack with a Silver Metallic and reusable storage box.
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY:  Ultra-premium grade Japanese dye-based inks carefully crafted to provide the highest quality artistic experience.
  • VIVID UNIQUE COLORS: 12 cool-toned earthy colors that are exclusive to T-Rex Inks
  • JUMBO-SIZED: 12 Jumbo 20ml Alcohol Ink Bottles provides 33-50% more ink per bottle 
  • REUSABLE STORAGE BOX: Keep your inks organized and portable
  • QUICK-DRYING & INDELIBLE: Our Alcohol Ink sets are water-resistant, 100% acid-free, and Japanese dye-based for creating long-lasting depth, layering & stunning effects 
  • ANTI-CLOGGING & LEAK-RESISTANT: Precision applicators & leak-resistant screw caps means more control with less spills 
  • INCREDIBLY VERSATILE: Create brilliant color on most non-porous surfaces for many art and DIY projects as well as a colorant for epoxy resin 

Our COOL EARTHtones Pack offers a nuanced collection of 12 colors spanning green, teal, blue, purple, gray, and Silver Metallic (our first-ever metallic). Good Art is all about nuances and an artist must have the right tools to achieve those which is why we made this series. Also, check out our WARM EARTHtones Pack for the rest of the color spectrum. Each 12-pack is sold separately.

The COOL EARTHtones pack colors are: Lemongrass, Kelp Forest, Olive Grove, Seaglass, Island Teal, Aegean Blue, Pacific Blue, Monsoon, Volcanic Ash, Purple Iris, Wisteria, and Starlight Silver Metallic. 

Fiercely vibrant Japanese dye-based inks perfect for use on non-porous surfaces for use in painting, fabric dying, jewelry making, stamping, epoxy resin dye, and many more surfaces! The artistic possibilities are endless. 100% acid-free and indelible. Our inks clean up with alcohol, have rewetting properties, and can be thinned for transparency. Try it out on glossy paper, glass, stone, leather, ceramic, vinyl, plastic, foil, wood, fiberglass, vellum, epoxy resin, or even polymer clay.


Earthy Nuanced Tones Like You've Never Seen Before

As artists ourselves, we worked for many months narrowing down what we wanted from each hue and testing them fully before landing on these tones. We wanted extremely vibrant colors that were also earthy and subtle. They had to look stellar whether in full vibrance or thinned out with our CLEAR BLENDER (sold separately). Each color is named to specifically and accurately reflect their complexity. Some are straightforward and some offer exciting undertones. Here is a little about each color:

LEMONGRASS is a vegetal yellow-green that is alive with the vibrance of spring. A botanist's hue, it doesn't get any more earthy than this. Thin it out to find even more flora yellow and green undertones.

KELP FOREST is all you need to paint a woodland scene. At its thickest, it is a dark hunter-green and when it thins out, it is flush with pleasing kelp-like greens and rolling hills of grassy jades. 

OLIVE GROVE offers a cool sage tone of an olive leaf and the dusky shades of a weeping willow. Truly an earthy hue, Olive Grove leaves you cast in a peaceful and understated green.

SEAGLASS captures the beauty of holding a piece of sea glass to the sun and seeing it illuminate into a verdant emerald green with subtle earthy blue undertones. 

ISLAND TEAL is so perfectly named. Imagine a drone view of a tropical island and deep teal waters that surround it and you have Island Teal in a nutshell. It is a plush blue-green that is subdued yet powerful.

AEGEAN BLUE is the coolest tone we have. It is a swimmingly refreshing blue that makes you feel like you are taking a dip in the azure Meditteranean or flying in blue-as-can-be skies all the while remaining earthy like a denim tone and sophisticated like Paris-blue. 

PACIFIC BLUE is an enchanting royal blue with calming muted undertones of navy or midnight blue. It resonates with the depth and mystery of an ocean chasm. 

MONSOON storms its way into being our most complex color yet. It is a blustery steel-blue with pronounced undertones of light-blue and gunmetal gray. 

VOLCANIC ASH erupts into cool dark charcoal tones that disperses into steel-gray and smoke-blue undertones. It goes on dark but can be thinned for a beautiful transparency. 

PURPLE IRIS perfectly captures Van Gogh-esque shades of purple. It is a cool violet tone that skews more blue than plum, with no pink undertones. 

WISTERIA is unabashedly a flowery purple that blushes lilac with pink undertones staying vivid yet delicate. 

STARLIGHT SILVER will add a glimmering component to your work with its soft silvery metallic finish. Just make sure to shake it up really well first.