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Hang & Hold Bar

Totally Tiffany Hang & Hold Bar

Imagine adding an extra 24” of organized supplies to your crafting space – anywhere!

Totally Tiffany’s new Hang & Hold product line will allow you to do just that. This system begins with a simple bar that clamps to the side of your table, coffee table, workbench, or countertop. 

From there you add components designed to hold everything you need to create the perfect crafty workspace.

The Totally Tiffany Hang & Hold Bar measures 24” wide and each of the clamps is 2” wide. Each clamp measures 3.25” in height and requires a smooth flat surface to attach to. 

The surface needs to be between ½ “ up to 2 ½” thick. 

To attach, simply tighten the clamp to securely fasten. However, take care not to over tighten and damage the surface.