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Buddy Bag, Myrel

The Myrel Buddy Bag was born to be your sewing tools organizer, but she's so much more!

There are so many handy little tools that make sewing easier, but finding them when you want to use them can be a challenge.  The Myrel Buddy Bag is perfect for keeping all your tools organized.  From scissors and seam rippers, to tape measures and thread, everything can find a home in this handy sewing tools organizer.  With its compact, clear, and sturdy design, you'll be able to easily find everything at a glance and trust that it's all safely stored.  Whether you sew at home, or travel with your supplies, Buddy Bags are the clear solution.  See your supplies, take them with you, use them, and put them away - all with ease.  It's time to Sew Totally-Organized!

What you get:

1 Clear vinyl bag with hook & loop closure

1 Inner tray

Assembled Dimensions:  11.25" x 3.5" x 4" (28.5cm x 9cm x 10.2cm), Interior tray: 10.5" x 3.5" x 2"

Did you know that Myrel is the same size as the Edna Buddy Bag?  The only difference is that Myrel has side flaps that close off the ends of the bag to keep smaller supplies from escaping.  If you're wanting to store ink pads, ribbon, chalk paste, glitter glues, or other larger items, you can use either the Myrel or the Edna.  But if you're wanting to organize your smaller tools like seam rippers, crochet/knitting needles, small scissors, and measuring tapes, they will be more secure in the Myrel Buddy Bag with the extra flaps.  But don't worry - when adding Myrel to your collection of Edna bags, they will all look very uniform  as they are the same overall size.

Myrel is part of the growing family of EZ2Organize Buddy Bags.