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Ditto Tool Organizer, Black

The Ditto double-sided craft tool bag & supply organizer will make it so easy to put your hands on exactly what you need. This cool tote splits in half to become the perfect desktop tool organizer. Big and small pockets, plus lots of elastic bands to hold pens, pencils, all of your tools, and more.

The pockets are designed to hold the supplies you use - washi tape, adhesive, ATG, punches, glitter glue, ink, pens... you'll love the paper trimmer pocket too! There's even a mesh pocket to hold your water bottle. You'll be amazed how much this holds! But there's another unique difference between the Ditto and other tool totes; there's no bottomless compartments. The way the Ditto is designed, everything stays visible so nothing gets lost. See it, use it, put it back. Simple!

When you're working on a project, spread the Ditto open in front of you. Everything is now in view and accessible. If you're at a crop, this makes a fabulous perimeter barrier. When you're done working, or are headed out the door, fold the Ditto back together and it's an easy-to-carry tote.

If you prefer to have your Ditto stay folded closed, using the Rotating Design Board as a stand allows you to rotate it 360 degrees in place.

Looking for an easy way to carry your Ditto Bag to events? Try the Lois All Event Tote. See images of the Lois/Ditto in use together.

Open dimensions: 26" x 5" (66 cm x 12.5cm). Closed dimensions: 13" x 10" (32cm x 25cm).