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Adorable Scorable - Butterfly Blue Selection

Adorable Scorable - Butterfly Blue Selection

With the Butterfly Blue Adorable Scorable Selection you will get 30 sheets of amazing Adorable Scorable A4 cardstock featuring 10 colours that have been specially selected to co-ordinate with the collection. 

This amazing board will add a real stand-out touch to crafter’s makes, whether that is for backgrounds, matting and layering, box-making and more! Adorable Scorable takes a deep score with no damage to the board or loss of vibrancy to the print. Its powerful uncoated seal eliminates the risk of accidental colour transference and keeps your cardstock clean. 

You’ll get 3 each of 10 different colours which perfectly compliment the rest of the Butterfly Blue range and at 350gsm; it is the perfect base for your projects.

The 10 Different Colours included are:

  • Blue Sapphire (3 of each)
  • Forget Me Not Blue (3 of each)
  • Fresh Apple (3 of each)
  • Orchid (3 of each)
  • Pink Wafer (3 of each)
  • Powder Blue (3 of each)
  • Rainstorm (3 of each)
  • Tranquil Oasis (3 of each)
  • White Chalk (3 of each)
  • Wisteria (3 of each)

Further Information:

  • Contains 30 sheets of Adorable Scorable (10 different colours, 3 of each)
  • Co-ordinates with Butterfly Blue Collection
  • 350gsm A4 cardstock
  • Perfect for card bases, box making, die-cutting and more