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Paper Inking Palette, 5" x 6"

Paper Inking Palette was created to be an all-in-one ink-transferring surface for paper-crafters everywhere. This made-in-the-USA surface created from high-quality photopolymer material will soon become a part of your daily crafting. This pack includes one 5x6-inch palette, approximately 0.125 inches thick and with a beveled edge.
-Provide a surface for ink techniques with water-based ink, oxide ink, and pigment ink 
-Hold paper in place for ink application?-Grasp and hold die-cuts for inking techniques?-Keep stencils in place for easier use with less tape or temporary spray glue 
-Sticky surface for holding and organizing ink pads, life-changing blender brushes and paper pouncers?-Easy to clean surface by running water over it or using warm soapy water and a microfiber towel 
-Provides cushion under a stamp for stamping with an acrylic block 

Tips for Paper Inking Palette: 
-Use on top of any glass mat to see measurements through Paper Inking Palette 
-Place on a clean and flat surface for use?-Store on a completely flat on flat surface between the two plastic sheets in the packaging 
-Store in a cool place away from the sunlight 
-Clean immediately if using mixed media products or paint 
-Air dry or use soft microfiber cloth?-Spray with clean water to regenerate sticky surface 
-Keep away from glitter, foil, sand, embossing powder, etc 

To Preserve Paper Inking Palette: 
-Keep away from any type of sunlight or heat including a heat tool or gun 
-Don’t clean with solvent-based ink or cleaner?-Keep away from sharp tools and objects?-Don’t use with chemicals of any kind