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Alcohol Ink Set, Starlight Shimmer With Clear Shimmer Blender (12pc)

STARLIGHT SHIMMER SET of 12 Sparkling Alcohol Inks in Explosively Bright Colors

Unleash Your Inner Artist: Realize your artistic dreams with these exclusively formulated sparkling shimmery colors. Easy to use, jumbo sized & EXPLOSIVELY VIBRANT colors unlock your artistic horizons!

Professional Quality: Premium quality Japanese dye-based alcohol inks crafted to be richly saturated & smooth so you can create long lasting depth & stunning effects with a rich palette of colors on alcohol ink paper and in epoxy resin!

Highly Saturated Ink & Fiercely Vibrant Colors: Highly concentrated color for ultimate vibrancy; A few drops is all it takes; For use with: alcohol ink paper, yupo paper, resin tint supplies, fabric dye, tumbler making, and so much more!

More Ink With Less Mess: Our inks have 33-50% more ink per bottle with built-in precision applicators & leak-resistant screw caps for more control with less spillage; The included storage box keeps everything organized.

Created By Artists For Artists: We are a small family-run company & your happiness is our mission, we will go above and beyond to prove it! Join our growing community of thousands of artists who choose T-Rex Inks and start creating beautiful art today!


Because everyone needs a little sparkle in their life and artists are born with a sparkle in their eye. T-Rex Inks is an artist-owned small business and thus we select colors for their value as a tool in the creator's arsenal. Our STARLIGHT SHIMMER SET offers a new exciting experience for alcohol ink artists to expand their horizons, creating new depths and compositions with a sparkling effect.

The 12 sparkling colors of the STARLIGHT SHIMMER SET are: Prism Pink, Red Alert, Flux Orange, Nuclear Yellow, Firefly, Laser Green, Infinity Teal, Ion Blue, Quantum Cobalt, Plasma Purple, Nebula, and Stardust Blender.

  • PRISM PINK: Truly a prism of pink tones, from a soft light pink, to a hue that blushes a bit more coral in a lightly captivating shimmer. It is like no other color on the market, one you have to see to believe.
  • RED ALERT: An intensely bright true red. Sparkles and the intensity of red are made for each other. Think Dorothy's heels, sequins, lipsticks and lightsabers.
  • FLUX ORANGE: Fluorescent in tone, this orange is unmistakably extra in all the right ways. Its glowing vibrancy is enhanced by the shimmer effect that magnifies its voltaic reach.
  • NUCLEAR YELLOW: Another fluorescent color in the pack, Nuclear Yellow burns bright, probably the brightest color we have ever created. Shimmers in this hue appear almost pearly in contrast to the incredible strength of this color.
  • FIREFLY: A sparkling tone that finds its real-world match in the fantasy of fireflies alight in a dark forest. It glows and yet is muted and beautiful in its own way, a warmer-toned green.
  • LASER GREEN: A cooler-toned green with a touch of blue in its palette. The sparkles in this one have a beautiful sci-fi like shimmer that spurs the imagination.
  • INFINITY TEAL: Like a gorgeous teal gemstone, Infinity Teal sparkles its way to being a fan favorite in this collection.
  • ION BLUE: A pure blue that glimmers like a blue sky reflecting in a calm lake, or the crystal clears waters of a glacier, with an elegant shimmer.
  • QUANTUM COBALT: The most pigmented color in the pack, quantum cobalt is an unbelievably rich deep cobalt blue that sparkles with the fiercest intensity rivaling a sapphire in full sunlight.
  • PLASMA PURPLE: An extraordinarily rich true purple with a glittering twinkle that lends the tone a mature depth of character and an imaginative flare. NEBULA: The twinkle of stars in the night sky was our inspiration for this color. On its own, it is nearly a black shimmer, but thin it out a bit and you will discover hidden undertones that disperse with the sparkles into a beautiful monotone array of glimmering grays.
  • STARDUST BLENDER: A shimmering clear blender that lends you the freedom to mix your own shimmering tones or to thin out existing ones while not losing the sparkle effect.