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Stencil, Embossing Paste Spreader

Manufacturer #:DWLM2010

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3.25" x 2.25"

Dreamweaver Stencils Paste Spreader is an essential tool for applying embossing paste evenly to even the larges stencils. Apply paste to spreader with palette knife to width of stencil design. Hold Spreader at a 45 degree angle to the paper with four fingers providing even pressure along the width of the tool. Draw towards you evenly across stencil for paste application.
Made in China. Stainless Steel. 7″ X 2-1/4″ Design copyright Lynell Harlow and Dreamweaver Stencils.
Design copyright Lynell Harlow and Dreamweaver Stencils. Manufactured of the highest quality stainless steel in China. Some classic designs may still be shipping in premium quality brass. Please remove stencil carefully from package by laying it upside down on the table and bending the paper to remove, not the stencil. Here is a video showing how this is done.

Dreamweaver-Metal Stencil. Perfect with inks, dyes, chalks, acrylics and watercolors! To emboss, secure the stencil to the front of the paper with removable tape, then place the paper, stencil side down, against a light table. Push the paper into the illuminated design with a medium tipped stylus or burnisher. To add color by stenciling, leave the stencil in place and use a small stencil brush to rouge or stipple color through the stencil holes. This 6-1/2x4 inch package contains one metal stencil. Comes in a variety of sizes and designs. Each sold separately