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Magic Anti-Static Brush

Nothing is more frustrating than having an image you worked on get destroyed by extra embossing powder that accidentally stayed on your paper and got heated. This amazing product is going to help you eliminate that from happening again and again. You will love the ease of use and the fact that there will be no more extra powder mishaps with this product. 

Contents: One Magic Anti-Static Brush and one small plastic jar to place the powder in which attaches to the brush, and one package of Magic Anti-Static Powder which contains 1 ounce of powder, both designed by Pink and Main. 


  • The Magic Anti-Static Brush and the small plastic jar along with the Magic Anti-Static Powder are designed by Pink and Main. 
  • The brush has a convenient brush guard which must be pushed down to expose the brush prior to use which will keep the bristles in check.  
  • The brush guard also allows free flow of the powder to the brush and closes the free flow to the brush when the brush guard is raised up after use. 
  • The brush is made with soft bristles.
  • The brush can be cleaned with mild soap and water. 
  • The Magic Anti-Static Powder is made in the USA. 
  • The package of Magic Anti-Static Powder includes one ounce of powder. 
  • This Anti-Static Powder is a cosmetic grade powder. 
  • The powder should be stored in a cool, dry place. 
  • Convenient, lightweight, and perfect for on-the-go crafting. 
  • There are instructions included in this package. 

This little brush is going to make such a difference in your crafting when used with the Magic Anti-Static Powder. You will no longer need to throw embossing away that has extra lines where you do not want them on your images. The brush is easy to keep clean, it is small and the perfect size to take with you whenever you want to craft away from home. 


To lessen the static on your projects and to have less embossing powder where you do not want it, brush the Anti-Static Powder (sold separately) over your paper before using glitter, flock, sequins, or embossing powders (sold separately). 

 How to Use These Products: 

  • Fill the small pot 3/4 full with the powder and screw it into the bottom of the brush. 
  • When ready to use, remove the clear cap, push the brush guard down, and brush the powder over your paper. 
  • Continue embossing as usual. 
  • When the image is cool, you can brush off any remaining Magic Anti-Static Powder with a clean, dry cloth. 

How to clean the brush: 

Simply remove all the excess powder and clean with mild soap and water. Dry thoroughly before using powder again. 

I am sure you are sold on this product and will be purchasing it soon, especially if you love embossing. This brush is made so well, it is easy to use, and easy to keep clean, what is there not to love about it? This brush and powder refill will truly be a welcome tool when you add it to your craft stash!