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Saggy Baggy - Fabric Basket - Burlap - Pint

The perfect little collections of baskets that are ideal for covering flower pots, filling with mason jars, filling with candy and goodies and more.  Made of 100% jute burlap and cuffed at the top, making it easy to fold them down or make them tall to cover or hold whatever you need.

Decorate to match a season or decor! Paint, stamp, glue or give as is. Made from 100% jute, and manufactured in the USA.  The perfect small gift baskets you can personalize with screen printing, monograming, vinyl transfers, paint and more.  We do not recommend washing these little jute baskets unless you want a truly vintage and worn look and then they are amazing when washed.  

  • 3 sizes
    • Cup (5.5" tall)
    • Pint (8" tall)
    • Quart (12" tall)
  • made of 100% jute 
  • made in the USA
  • Custom Sizes available 

Also available in canvas and colored canvas.

There are so many great uses for these bags - food display, slip in a plastic flower pot, add a flower arrangement, wrap bottles of wine or water, add a recycled jar and fill with cutlery, fill with napkins, use the small ones as individual place settings, great for centerpieces and covering repurposed jars and bottles, add numbers to them for table numbers at a wedding, gift wrapping the natural way and so many more ideas.